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The cozy and surprisingly colorful eco-complex restaurant has definitely won the hearts of its guests. The main hall is characterized by its spaciousness and comfort for 60 persons. Compatibly matched interior items, pleasant gamma of colours, convenient furniture and hospitable atmosphere let visitors relax and enjoy the perfect meals. Other halls of the restaurant allow you to spend time in an atmosphere of privacy and comfort: COMFORT - up to 10 people; COUNTRY - up to 6 people; CRYSTAL - up to 20 people; PROVENCE - up to 11 people. In our complex there is a wonderful and cosy hookah bar. It is provided for the hookah lovers. In the summer time there are three summer terraces surrounded by juicy greenery and multicoloured flower beds. Also, the fogging system which entices visitors and protects them against heat stress. Flowers odors and birds singing create the unsurpassed atmosphere to have and enjoy the perfect meal. The summer terraces is best picturesque place to hold on-site wedding ceremonies. Multivarious menu gives every visitor a chance to choose meals by their preference.