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The complex "Lubenska Sloboda" invites you to the new halls of the restaurant - "PROVENCE", "CRYSTAL" and "COUNTRY". Each hall has its own unique design and atmosphere.

These halls are great for hosting various events.

The Provence Hall is a stylish bright room with notes of rustic charm. This hall is suitable for those who value sophistication, comfort and harmony. Suitable for up to 11 guests.

The Crystall Hall - many mirrors of this hall create the feeling of a festive magical atmosphere. This hall is recommended for a company of up to 20 guests.

The Country Hall - the style and comfort of this hall - the elegant simplicity of the interior. This is a great option for those who value privacy. Suitable for up to 6 guests.

You need to call the restaurant administrator to reserve a hall. Administrator phone + 38-099-510-79-19.